Management Search Chicago | Stefan Levy

A truly unique approach to recruiting

At Management Search, we often start a new hiring conversation with this short analogy.

What if an architect made this offer….

“I’ll evaluate your property, create your house plans, analyze deed restrictions, and initiate a title search…but if you decide not to build… then you don’t have to pay my fee.”

What if your lawyer made this offer ….

“I’ll draw up the legal documents for your merger, investigate the acquisition target, and negotiate the terms…. But if you decide not to compete the deal…. Then you don’t have to pay my fee. “

It’s not likely you’d get a deal like that in architecture, law, medicine or many other professions.  But if you could find such an offer, it would be too good a deal to pass up. 

Did you know your organization can get that deal today, with Management Search Chicago? Get in touch with us now to learn more.

 A focus on results

With 30 years Top Gun Leadership Search Experience, a large database of outstanding connections of business professionals with P&L experience who have built their careers on results that achieve success, accelerate growth and shareholder value, and improve the bottom line, Management Search is a results-driven firm you will want to know and work with. Our Chicago style is open, friendly, positive—let’s get it done right together and have some fun along the way!

A passion for relationships

Working closely with you, we develop a plan which attracts impact players and maximizes skills and abilities. We work diligently to understand and realize our candidates’ career goals, match their value with each assignment and create a value proposition to the benefits of all. We articulate your firm’s needs and make certain we nurture each relationship, overcome impediments and makes things happen to establish and maintain long-term successful careers & business relationships.

A history of success

We began Management Search in a historic property we purchased and renovated (in fact, it’s the old bank Tom Hanks robbed in the movie “Road to Perdition”). Serving interests of many clients, we grew to fifty recruiters in multi disciplines. Now we represent the best talent across disciplines and remain very human and personal in a high-tech world.

A reputation for innovation and incubation

Our innovative approaches to connecting the best clients and candidates and our mentoring environment have grown a number of successful staffing and contract I.T. agencies, among them Whittman Hart, renowned global staffing firm back in the “Mercedes 80s” later sold to legendary Chicago Tech Entrepreneur, Andrew “Flip” Filipowski.

Management Search specializes in matching uniquely skilled candidates with precise opportunities across industries.

Industries Represented include:

  • Insurance & Financial
  • Technology
  • Engineering & Manufacturing
  • Petro Chemical & Plastics
  • Construction
  • Bio Medical
  • Emerging Industries

Major Skills and Specialization

We provide the talent to build the organization with you that fits your strategic direction and investment mandate!

  • C Suite, CEO, CFO, COO, CMO
  • Insurance – Actuarial, Analytics & Modeling, Underwriting, Products
  • Construction – Project Executive, Project Managers, Superintendent, Estimator
  • Chemists – Chemical Engineers
  • Engineers – Products, Process, Plant Management, Plastics
  • Sales & Marketing Leadership